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What is Sheaves for Christ?

Sheaves for Christ is the fundraising ministry of the General Youth Division of the United Pentecostal Church International.  Since its inception in 1952, over $112 million has been raised to fund missions and ministries around the world.

  • A student pursuing her calling in Christian Education with a scholarship.
  • A missionary receiving the vehicle he needs to carry the gospel to the furthest regions of his country.
  • A family overcoming chemical dependency and find restoration through Spirit of Freedom Ministries.
  • A child finding healing and a future at Tupelo Children’s Mansion or Lighthouse Ranch for Boys.
  • A pastor needing a church property grant to reach his community.
Find Out More SFC Scholarship Application OK SFC Scholarship Application

How does SFC affect Oklahoma?

Churches and youth groups across the state raise money during the spring and summer to help support missions and ministry.  40% of the total offering remains in the Oklahoma Youth department.  These funds help support the following ministries:

  • Senior Bible Quizzing
  • Youth Camps
  • AYC sponsorships
  • Bible College Scholarships
  • Holiday Youth Convention
  • Training Day
  • Family Ministries Retreat


How can I help?

It takes an entire state filled with students and adults to help raise a great offering each year.  Here are a few programs you can be involved in to help:

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What is C31?

C31 is an opportunity for students to raise $961 for Sheaves for Christ by finding 31 sponsors who will give $31. Participants could choose to set a goal of 1 sponsor a day for a month (31 days in August).

Oklahoma C31 Challenge

Any student who completes the C31 challenge by the SFC Sacrificial Offering date is eligible to enter a drawing for an iPad Mini!  The drawing will take place at the SFC Awards Celebration at Holiday Youth Convention in December. Once you complete the challenge, register at www.sheavesforchrist.com/c31

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What is The Real McCoy Contest?

Many young people have discovered their passion for God’s Kingdom by getting personally involved in life-giving SFC fundraising via The Real McCoy Contest. You can be involved in this exciting contest as we challenge our Apostolic youth to live sacrificially and become a generation of givers.

Winners from each district across North America will be flown to the World Evangelism Center in St. Louis, MO, for an exclusive weekend with the executives of the General Youth Division.

Print your application and more information at www.sheavesforchrist.com/the-real-mccoy-contest/